Congratulations on your Pregnancy!

Bringing a new life into the world is an amazing, unforgettable experience as well as a rollercoaster of emotions.

Dr Ljiljana Miljkovic-Petkovic provides you and your partner with the very best of care during your pregnancy and the delivery of your new baby.

Whether you’re a first-time mother-to-be, you’re having a normal or a high-risk pregnancy, preparing to expand the family or struggling to fall pregnant, Dr Ljiljana is dedicated to meeting your personal birthing wishes, whilst ensuring your experience is as relaxed, safe and wonderful as possible. If you are struggling to fall pregnant, please see our fertility page.

Dr Ljiljana encourages you to contact her as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed to book in your first antenatal appointment. This appointment is an opportunity for you to meet with and get to know Dr Ljiljana. If possible it is also good if your husband or partner can attend at this visit.


  • Booking blood test investigations
  • Dating ultrasound to confirm accurate due date
  • Counselling and organising screening for Down Syndrome and other chromosomal trisomies
  • Screening for gestational diabetes and anaemia in pregnancy
  • Ultrasound for cervical surveillance in situations high risk for cervical incompetence
  • Regular checkups to monitor fetal growth and to watch for pre-eclampsia
  • Management of pre-existing medical issues in conjunction with nearby medical specialists if appropriate

Pre-pregnancy Counselling

Not everyone gets the chance to plan their pregnancy, but those who do, have the opportunity to consult with Dr Ljiljana Miljkovic-Petkovic to ensure the healthiest start to your pregnancy possible.

During pre-conception consultations, we can investigate pre-existing, high risk medical issues and formulate a management plan with regards to previous poor or unsatisfactory pregnancy outcomes.

Labour & Childbirth

  • Management of spontaneous labour and normal vaginal delivery
  • Induction of labour as required
  • Management of multiple pregnancies
  • Vaginal birth after caesarean section
  • Instrumental deliveries (vacuum and forceps deliveries)
  • Caesarean section, both elective and emergency

Read more about delivery and pain relief options

Post Natal Management

  • Post natal checks including checks of any stitches, etc. required after delivery
  • Post natal Pap smear if due
  • Advice and management of any contraception issues postnatally, including insertion of Mirena or Implanon

What to Expect at your Appointment

Your first obstetrics consultation will usually occur between 8 and 10 weeks of your pregnancy. At this appointment you will need to bring with you:

  • The referral letter from your GP and any relevant past medical (including pregnancy) history information
  • Any pathology and scan results that may be relevant
  • Medicare and private health fund details (if you are in a fund)

We will then arrange to see you:

  • Every four weeks until around week 28
  • Every fortnight after 28 weeks
  • Every week in the final four week stretch

Should there be any issues at any point, Dr Ljiljana will increase the frequency of your appointments, and if necessary, arrange for you to be admitted to hospital.

Dr Ljiljana is happy to deliver your baby at either Newcastle Private Hospital in their private birthing suites or John Hunter Hospital, depending on your preference and private health fund cover.

Dr Ljiljana is on call for you Sunday 22:00 till Friday 17:00, 24 hours a day. At the weekend there is a roster with four other obstetricians.

Test Check-List

Initial Blood Tests
10-13 Weeks - Optional Down Syndrome Testing
18-20 Weeks - Detailed Morphology Ultrasound to detect possible structural abnormalities
27 Weeks - Repeat full blood count iron studies and diabetes blood test
34 Weeks - Repeat blood count and blood antibodies
36 - 37 Weeks - Vaginal swab screening for Group B Streptococcal Carriage