Australia has a high rate of caesarean births, with approximately 1 in 3 babies currently being delivered by this method. This rate is also steadily increasing, so it’s important for expecting mothers to be aware of the reasons a caesarean may be recommended for their child’s birth. A caesarean birth occurs through an incision in […]

A new option for a better birth experience For women wanting a natural childbirth, ending up having a Caesarean can be disheartening, or even traumatic. The baby is quickly delivered and umbilical cord cut immediately and the baby handed to a midwife. Caesareans are an incredibly common surgical procedure in Australia (and around the world). […]

If you’re living with endometriosis, you may have wondered how it will affect your fertility. You may even be trying to fall pregnant right now. The good news is that it is possible to get pregnant with endometriosis. However, up to 50% of women with endometriosis have difficulty getting pregnant. This can be attributed to […]

  Advances in medical technology mean that the way pap smears are conducted is changing. A National Cervical Screening Program will replace the pap smear program, which is currently administered by individual states. The new program will begin on December 1, 2017. Early detection is vital in the fight against cervical cancer, so it’s important […]

As the exciting arrival of your baby starts to get ever closer, it’s important to start getting prepared for your stay at either John Hunter Hospital or Newcastle Private Hospital. Most pregnant women begin to pack their hospital bag at around 33-36 weeks and keep it in their car or at the front door. If […]

Summer is here and whether you’re pregnant or have a newborn, it’s important to have a few tricks up your sleeve for staying cool and feeling comfortable during the hotter months. Keeping Your Baby Bump Cool: Keep drinking that water! Regardless of the weather, it is important to stay hydrated during pregnancy, but it’s especially […]

Pregnancy is filled with many joys and tribulations, and one such challenge is knowing what you can and can’t eat over the festive season. There are a few different kinds of bacteria that can live in your favourite Christmas treats, so we thought we’d compile a short list to help you avoid them and make […]

Dr Ljiljana Miljkovic-Petkovic prides herself on staying abreast of advancements in her field, and this includes attending the latest conferences focused on new technologies and approaches to gynaecology and obstetrics in Australia. The Australian Gynaecological Endoscopy and Surgery XXVI Annual Scientific Meeting (AGES XXVI ASM) was held in Brisbane this year from 3rd to 5th […]