Gynaecology for the Modern Woman

Dr Ljiljana Miljkovic-Petkovic prides herself on staying abreast of advancements in her field, and this includes attending the latest conferences focused on new technologies and approaches to gynaecology and obstetrics in Australia.

The Australian Gynaecological Endoscopy and Surgery XXVI Annual Scientific Meeting (AGES XXVI ASM) was held in Brisbane this year from 3rd to 5th March and discussed the evolving needs of the modern woman in regards to health. Dr Ljiljana attended this ground-breaking conference, aptly named Modern Woman, which addressed new surgeries, technologies and approaches to gynaecological health in the 21st century.

As women’s roles change and evolve in society, so too must the way we address our unique health concerns. With an ageing population, there are new health problems that must be acknowledged which simply weren’t a concern before, as well as the continually changing role of women in society. Often guilty of neglecting our own needs and health at the expense of others, the modern woman requires a different approach to gynaecological health. If the need for a procedure is identified, something non-invasive and with little down time is the preferred option, allowing women to continue on with their busy schedules.

During the conference, Dr Ljiljana was honoured to meet with Professor Stefano Salvatore, current president of the European Urogynaecological Association and Professor of Urogynaecology at the San Raffaele Hospital, University of Milan. As one of the invited speakers, Professor Salvatore discussed his revolutionary vaginal laser procedure, the MonaLisa Touch, which works at treating the vaginal atrophy that affects over 60% of post-menopausal women. Dr Salvatore updated the conference attendees on the amazing results they had seen with the MonaLisa Touch thus far, with over half a million women receiving treatment with excellent results.

Dr Ljiljana Miljkovic-Petkovic is proud to be the first and only gynaecological practice to offer the MonaLisa Touch treatment in Newcastle, and she was thrilled to discuss tips and finesses of this revolutionary treatment with Dr Salvatore himself at the conference.

Another talking point during the AGES Modern Woman conference was the use of robotic surgery for gynaecological treatments. Although not yet available in Newcastle, robotic gynaecological surgery is currently utilised by gynaecological oncologists in major cities on a smaller scale. This sophisticated approach to surgery will hopefully become more commonplace in Australian clinics as the technology advances and gains more popularity.

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